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Combat Wombat

Combat Wombat are a political hip-hop crew based in Melbourne, Australia. Armed only with samplers, mics and turntables, powered by solar energy and an uncompromising belief in Truth over Spin, Combat Wombat delve into issues of national identity, indigenous rights, the government’s treatment of refugees and alternative energy, bringing reports from the front line of […]


Tamara Desiatov

I am am artist designer and filmmaker. I have worked as a videographer and animator, and on set design in films. I work across multimedia and gave a degree in 3D Design. I started out working on issues of social justice with Cultural Dissent in the 90s . A lot of my work has been […]

Photography, Animation, Collage, Drawing, Film, Graphic Design, installation, Painting


Writing, and also, reading out loud


my art stings like a butterfly and flies like a bee. here is where i talk about my art five hundred characters of some meaning or maybe none i need to check how many space the five hundred words can take up cos it might not be enough space here and maybe i have to […]

Writing, Animation, Burlesque, Ceramics, Circus, Clown / Comedy, Collage, Costume / Fashion, Dance, Drawing, Film, Fire, Graphic Design, Music, Other, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Sculpture, Song, test Art form, Textile, Theatre, Websites

Del za

I test poetry on billionaire funeral pyres as a free community service.

testing, Fire, Other, Poetry, Printmaking

test van demon

i test things ins a testy way testing all the testy things for tests that make testing a testifiable thing to test for. No tests are complete without a complete testing for testy reasons in a complete testing regimen. NOW I"M TESTING THIS TEST to see if this test tests ok what happens if i […]

testing, Costume / Fashion, Other, Sculpture

Tim Hollo

I am a musician and environmentalist who established Green Music Australia in 2012, working with musicians to lead the way to a greener world. I also wrote a song, Wish, about my daughter grappling with living in a time of climate crisis. The music video can be found here:

Writing, Music

Zelda Da

My work explores the transformative possibilities of live music, theatre, ritual and performance. Creating improvised, responsive soundscapes for physical theatre and dance is my favourite. I play piano, guitar, percussion and I sing in many languages. My first degree was in painting. Moving colours around, in any medium, thrills me. I love artful activism, whether […]

Writing, Burlesque, Clown / Comedy, Drawing, Music, Song, Theatre



Production Skills