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actor, clown, burlesque, sculptor, musician, pyromaniac

My art

my art stings like a butterfly and flies like a bee. here is where i talk about my art

five hundred characters of some meaning or maybe none i need to check how many space the five hundred words can take up cos it might not be enough space here and maybe i have to adjust the columns or something i wonder how many words this is already i will count them in a minute you don’t need to read this you are probably not reading it i saw two swans come in for landing on a lake at sunset the lake was perfectly still reflecting the orange pink sky and the swans were pretty damn graceful.


everyone will be so happy. people will spend most of thier time making art and having sex and enjoying yummy foods and beautiful flowers. Sometimes people will fight and then we will sacrifice them to the gods. (There has to be an outlet for bloodlust somewhere) But there will be not many assholes cos we will have composted most of them during the revolution, and the new people have not learnt how to be assholes, so it will be very strange if anyone behaves like an asshole. Noone will be able to remember or imagine what racism or misogyny was like. We will all worship the same gods, the spirits of earth, wind, water and trees.

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