The Future Makers

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible”

        Toni Cade Bambara

We are the future makers

Creators of new worlds

Manifesting the impossible

Dreaming unprecendented dreams

And bringing them home.

Become a future maker

Are you an artist with a passion for equality, human rights, forests, oceans, birds, mammals, peace, our beautiful planet … for life? Join our network to connect with other artists for climate justice. Let’s create the future we deserve.

find a future maker

Do you need a sculpture for your community action? A graphic designer for your website, banners or posters? Does your rally need a poet, a musician, a clown or a troupe of dancers? Search our database for a Future Maker to help make your activism awesome.

diy future making

Make your activism, your advocacy or your event more beautiful, fun and impactful by making it ARTFUL. Here are some open-source art interventions anyone can use in the movement towards climate justice.


We, the artists, are the collective key to imagining our new world. We are the visionaries at the centre of the coming storm. This storm will see unprecedented people power sweep the globe. We will feel that power. We will be that power. We already are.

We are the future makers. We draw from the well of the unknown and make the impossible real. We create connection and reach for transcendence.  We make the future possible. 

Together we will grow a movement so magnificent it makes its own weather. We will regenerate the forests. Nourish the soil. Cool the oceans. Return the water to the rivers. Honour the elders. Listen to the children. Hold each other in struggle and in celebration.

We can start today. We have already begun.
It’s all possible. When we dare to dream of the future we deserve, the rest is just logistics.
Dare to dream.
Dream your wildest.
Dream unprecedented dreams.
And bring them home.


Our Values

  • Every living thing is priceless
  • Interspecies solidarity
  • Equality, dignity and respect for all humans
  • ‘The health of the people is the highest law’
  • First Nations peoples lead caring for country
  • Art for everybody
  • Water is sacred
  • Economies based on well being
  • Collective, joyful regeneration of our planet home
  • Sharing of creative, productive and reproductive work
  • Communities of care
  • Restorative justice and healing
  • Participatory democracy
  • Sustainable everything
  • Peace

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Who are The Future Makers?